Harbor Homes

Trade Program

Trade your used house for a brand new Harbor Home! Whether you are interested in custom building or investing in one of our move-in ready homes, we can trade! We do this as a courtesy to our customers and help ease the transition from old to new. Once we have an agreement in place for your new Harbor Home, we will determine the fair market value of your home using a reputable real estate agent. The price quoted will be determined by the Comparative Market Analysis of your neighborhood.  If you are satisfied with the quoted price, we will trade!

We buy your old house, so there is no need to place it on the market! The inconvenience of having strangers in and out of your house at a moments notice is eliminated! There will be no more wondering or waiting to see if or when your house will be sold. We will also pay closing costs on the purchase of your old house, which will save you money! Plus, we will give you 5 days or, as needed, to move out of your old house after closing; this eliminates so much of the timing and stress involved in moving. 

The trade may cost you very little and sometimes may save you money vs. selling it yourself through a real estate agent. Typically a comparison is as follows:

Home Sales Price: $100,000
Through Real Estate Agent
Harbor Homes Trade Program
6% Commission
$4,000 Closing Costs for you & buyer
$5,000 Repairs or Offer lower than sales price
Net to you: $85,000

15% = $15,000
0 Hassle
0 Repairs
0 Showings to buyers
Net to you: $85,000

  • Harbor Homes may use other investment companies to purchase your home.
  • Harbor Homes will pay all closing costs provided Addendum is followed.
  • Abstracting (up to date) of the used home shall be capped at $450. Sellers shall pay anything over this amount.
  • Actual price paid for used home will vary slightly between 13% and 17% depending on the condition of the home and other factors.
  • Some elements of the trade program may change. The contract agreed to by both parties shall supersede this and any other implied terms.
  • Sellers must pay for and provide a termite certificate.  If there is an infestation, then we will discuss how to proceed.

"I would definitely recommend Harbor Homes to my family and friends who are looking for a new home. I chose Harbor Homes because their HERS program allows me to save more money on my utility bills. They also build their homes on a post-tension foundation which gives a peace of mind with the kind of weather we get in Oklahoma. They did a great job with communication and were nice to work with throughout the process from beginning to end!"

Charles Family